Melbourne born and bred, my background is Art College followed by extensive time working in the professional photographic industry.

Although my passion is with Italy I very much appreciate there is beauty to be found all over the world, naturally this includes Australia with images from our own 'backyard' - urban, coast and country.

Galleries include  'An Era', a monochromatic series mostly photographed around Lake Como and a range of pictorial galleries with Imagery from many parts of the World.. 

The newest galleries feature the Limited Edition 'Fine Art - Elements' series. A composite / montage style blending and interlacing a multiplicity of images and textures.

‘Fantasy’ featuring compositional Works and a Gallery dedicated to ‘Monochrome’ pieces.

 The many thousands of photos I have taken are my ‘sketches’ on which I build the scene that I envisage.  The final images reflect Italy and the World as I visualise it , not always as a literal recording of a scene but a more romantic look.  

I am proud to say that Fresco Images can be found in homes and commercial premises in many parts of the World including the United Kingdom, United States, Italy and of course Australia.

Delighted and Honoured to have received 18 Awards in the Focus 2018 Photographic Competition

Fresco Images is represented at  at Tusk Gallery, Vic. Australia.

Graphic Impressions, Hawthorn, Vic. Australia.

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Images may be 'Custom Sized' to suit your decor

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Tra i miei occhi  (through my eyes)

I first travelled to Italy and Sicily in 2006 and an immediate love affair was hatched. So much about Italy captures my passion - the antiquity, the food, the people, the sense of family, the love of life.

Sicily is very special to me as it presents a way I believe Italy was many years ago.  The diversity of the culture is shown in the architecture and the food throughout. Hilltop villages such as Erice, Enna and Savoca, in many ways, remain suspended in time - these villages offer many beautiful photographic opportunities, Wandering in the back streets I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by the textures and antiquity of the old buildings - faded paintwork on doors and windows, cracked and eroded stonework, rusted iron work – it is these textures, colours and light that compel me to take photos. Of course there are many other wonderful sights to be found in places such as Ortigia, Cefalu, Monreale - the temples, Roman and Greek Theatres in Segesta, Agrigento and Selenunte - the list goes on.  Not to be forgotten though is the natural beauty of the coastal regions around Sicily - stunningly beautiful with crystal clear waters.

Still in the South of Italy my travels have taken me through the stunning cliffside town of Tropea - a photographers paradise and the Amalfi Coast - an absolute must.

The Ligurian coast offers up such photographic gems as the Cinque Terre - with the iconic five lands of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. You have to walk the entire length of the Cinque Terre to really appreciate the beauty of this world heritage site.

The major cities are different but special again, all with their own unique character.

Venice - to truly experience Venice you need to get away from the tourist areas, get lost and wander through the myriad of tiny streets, criss crossing canals on ancient bridges - photographic opportunities at every corner.

Florence - a wondrous city of beauty and art - and a magic that is hard to put into words but will keep you coming back.

Rome - agonisingly chaotic at times but with some of the most wonderful sites you will ever behold from the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Pantheon, the grand Piazzas to the awe inspiring St Peters Basillica.

As I look back over my final images I find that I get an overwhelming sense of the place, recalling memories of time spent. My aim is to share these images with others as Art Prints in the hope that for them it will also conjure up memories of wonderful places, people and the 'dolce vita' of Italy.

Benvenuti to Fresco Images.

Doug Porter.